Message from the Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Fr. James Cruze, CSC

Holy Cross Congregation in Bangladesh has been imparting quality education and rendering moral formation to young learners most of whom achieve efficiency in different professions and stand out as committed citizens to serve the country with dedication. So this institution has enormous contribution to education at tertiary level.

The brand ‘Notre Dame’ is a symbol of excellence in education in Bangladesh and beyond. So Notre Dame University Bangladesh, I hope, will complement the government initiatives and offer life-oriented higher education to youngsters of all faiths equipping them with necessary skills and virtues in the true sense so that they become able to help materialize our vision.

Parents of university students expect that each tertiary level institute ensure quality education so that the future generation will get an environment where they will grow in developing all their faculties to the fullest.

The Faculty members of Notre Dame University Bangladesh are expected to impart quality teaching to each and every student who is under his/her care. We always find that there are a few students who are more capable; others are average caliber and a few who may be a bit slow in learning. A good teacher knows how to help pupils to get maximum benefit from their mentor and guide. NDUB values primacy of human person and, therefore, every student counts.

The campus of Notre Dame University Bangladesh is meant to be a place where interaction among students, between students and faculty, and in near future among inter-university students and faculty members takes place. The present student-body by reflecting on their past tradition, analyzing the present reality, will create new knowledge for the future and discover the unknown. The silver or golden future they now dream of individually or as a group for their community and for the nation to be actualized through hard work and in-depth study as well as research.

The gospel values and the social teachings of the Church are the pillars of faith of the NDUB founding Fathers. The cardinal values of all religions and cultures are the same and they inspire and guide us. So, together we all are very determined to achieve our cherished goal to impart quality tertiary education to the present generation in our care. May God bless us all!

Fr. James Cruze, CSC
Board of Trustees


Message from the Vice Chancellor

Notre Dame University Bangladesh received the official approbation of the Government of Bangladesh on 29th April 2013. This news of great joy was especially welcomed by the members of the Congregation of Holy Cross all over the world, the Catholic Church in Bangladesh and the Alumni of Notre Dame College. We are deeply grateful to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and His Excellency Dr. A K Azad Chowdhury (State Minister & Chairman of the University Grants Commission) for this great favour. On behalf of the University and the Congregation of Holy Cross and on my own behalf I convey our deep gratitude to them.

We envision Notre Dame University Bangladesh developing in the same line as Notre Dame College, Dhaka, which has served the people of Bangladesh in a unique way for long 64 years. As members of Holy Cross we are committed: to impart value-based quality education, to instill true patriotism and love for the people and the country in the students, according to our long-cherished noble and glorious tradition and cultural heritage. With this objective in mind, a core curriculum will be taught in the first year to all students, irrespective of their chosen field of discipline which will begin from the second year. It is hoped that this will help build the academic, intellectual and human foundation of students.

As we began to plan for this university, we soon realized how limited were our resources. Therefore, we will solicit cooperation of all concerned, as we ask teachers, students and their guardians, people in the government and the leaders of our nation to stand by our efforts. I am confident that, working in a spirit of cooperation and mutual help, we can build a University worthy of its name:  universal in outlook, truly human in the breadth and depth of knowledge, and open to fresh inspiration. We will then be able to hope to produce not only skilled practitioners, but also true agents of transformation of the society. We expect our graduates to become worthy citizens of our nation and of the world.

May God bless us all.

Fr. Benjamin Costa, CSC
Secretary, Board of Trustees, and
Vice Chancellor (Acting)

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