Academic Policies

Organizational Framework

The curriculum of the University is based on the Course Credit System. In the curriculum strong emphasis will be given on acquiring thorough knowledge in the relevant basic courses, which will help the student to interact more positively with the society in which he/she lives.

Number And Duration of Trimester

There will be three Trimesters (Spring, Summer, and Fall) in an academic year. The duration of each Trimester will be 16 weeks, which will be used as follows:


13 weeks

Preparatory leave before Trimester Final Exam

01 week

Duration of Examination

01 week

Trimester break

01 week


16 weeks

Course Pattern and Structure

The Programs will consist of a set of Textual, Theoretical, Viva-voce courses and internship/thesis.

Course Offering and Instructions

The courses to be offered in a particular Trimester will be announced and published in the Course Curriculum along with a tentative Trimester schedule before the end of the previous Trimester. Whether a course is to be offered in any Trimester will be decided by the Department.
Each course will be usually conducted by one teacher. The Course Teacher(s) will be responsible for maintaining the expected standard of teaching of the course and for the assessment of the students’ performance.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction in program is English. Therefore, proficiency in English is a prerequisite for the candidates to get admission in the degree programs.

Coordinating Courses

The Head/Administration will nominate a teacher as Course Coordinator for each Trimester a year. S/he will advise the students on all academic matters periodically.

Updating Curriculum and Syllabus

Consistent with its resilient policy to keep pace with new developments in the field of knowledge, the Department will update its curriculum at least every two years {According to the Private University Act 2010, Article 24(2)} in line with the international standard to be approved by the Academic Council.

Registration Procedure

Each student will fill in the course preregistration form in consultation with the Advisor and Course Coordinator under the guidance of the Department Head three (3) weeks before commencement of the Trimester. The original copy of the course preregistration form will have to be submitted to the Registrar’s office. The Registrar’s Office will be responsible for its distribution to relevant authorities (Departments and Controller of Examinations etc.). The course registration will be completed within the five working days at the beginning of each Trimester by paying the total fee. However, late registration will be permitted unto next five working days on payment of late registration fees. Students having dues to the University shall not be permitted to register.

Limits on the Credit Hours to be Taken in a Trimester

A student must register for at least 09 credit hours and may be allowed to register for up to a maximum of 15 credit hours if recommended by his/her Department Head.

Course Adjustment Procedure

A student will have some limited options to add or drop courses from his/her registration list, within fifteen (15) working days from the beginning of classes. This can be done with the advice of the concerned Course Coordinator and with the consent of the Department Head. Adjustment of initially registered courses in any Trimester can be done by duly filling in the Adjustment Form. The Registrar’s office will do the needful.

Withdrawal from a Trimester

If a student is unable to complete the Trimester Final Examination due to serious illness or serious accident, he/she may apply to the Head of the concerned Department for total withdrawal from the Trimester within eight working days after the end of the Trimester Final Examination. However, he/she may choose not to withdraw any sessional course if the grade obtained in such a course is C or better. A medical certificate endorsed by the Chief Medical Officer of the University must endorse the application. The Dean of the concerned Faculty will take the decision on such an application and inform the Registrar. If a student is allowed to withdraw from a Trimester, he/she will have to register from the Trimester he/she has withdrawn. However, he/she may be allowed to register for backlog courses, if offered.

Registration for the Second and Subsequent Trimesters

Students who pass all the courses prescribed for the Trimester and have no backlog of courses will be eligible to register for all courses prescribed for the next Trimester. Other students have to register for the backlog courses plus the courses prescribed for the next Trimester, subject to the limits set in Article 9.1. No penalty money will be needed for 1st time backlog course registration. But Tk.1000.00 per credit hour is needed for 2nd & 3rd times backlog course registration.


1. A comprehensive exam will constitute part of the final results
2. Each student will write a Thesis

Absence during a Trimester

A student should not be absent from In-course/assignment(s) etc. during the Trimester. Such absences will naturally lead to reduction in points/marks, which count toward the final grade Absence in Trimester.

Final Examination will result in F Grades

A student who has been absent for a short period, up to a maximum of three weeks due to illness, should approach the course teacher(s) or Course coordinator(s) for a make-up of In-course/ assignment(s) etc. immediately on returning to classes. Such request should be supported by a medical certificate endorsed by the Chief Medical Officer of the University. The medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner (with the registration number shown explicitly on the certificate) and endorsed by the Chief Medical Officer of the University will also be acceptable only in those cases where the student has valid reasons for his absence from the University.

Calculation of GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the weighted average of Grade Points obtained in all the courses passed/completed by a student. For example, if a student has passed/completed five courses in a Trimester having credits of C1, C2, C3,C4 and C5, and his/her points in these courses are G1, G2, G3,G4 and G5 respectively, then,


A Numerical Example

Suppose a student has completed four courses in a Trimester and obtained the following grades:





















Then his/her GPA for the Trimester will be computed as follows:


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