Dr. Syed Naquib Muslim

Dr. Syed Naquib Muslim

Department of English

Dr. Syed Naquib Muslim, a former of BCS (Administration), joined the Bangladesh Civil Service in 1981. A career civil servant, Dr. Naquib accomplished the Master of Arts with honours in English from the University of Dhaka in 1972. He acquired another Masters in the technology of management from the US in 1985. In 2006, he earned Ph.D. from the University of Dhaka.  Dr. Naquib worked as Director at BPATC.  In 2002, he worked as Deputy Commissioner, Dhaka and continued until he became Joint Secretary to the Government. He became Additional Secretary in 2006 and had been working in the Ministry of Agriculture until he became Secretary. He was appointed Chairman, Bangladesh Tariff Commission in 2008.

Originally a student of English literature, Dr. Naquib worked as a professor of English at Asian University of Bangladesh after he had retired from the government.  He also conducted Leadership curse at Royal Roads University, Canada, on the Bangladesh campus.  Before he joined the administrative service, he had worked as a Lecturer-in English in 5 colleges including Notre Dame College.

He now lectures on Business English and HRM at BIGM, BSTD, JATI, SOS Palli, RDA, NAPD, NIMCO, NIPORT, Janata Bank Training Institute, Uttara Bank Training Institute, Bank Asia Training Institute, Bangladesh Bank Training Institute, and other HRD centres. Dr. Naquib has authored at least 150 essays, and18 books that include The Art of Modern Administration, Standard English: Speaking and Writing, Problems of Prepositions and Common Errors in English.

Dr. Naquib participated in training courses, workshops and seminars in the US, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Pakistan.

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