Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the admission information about NDUB?

Information on admission is always uploaded on the NDUB’s official website: www.ndub.edu.bd
Official facebook ID can be followed too: https://www.facebook.com/NotreDameUniversityBangladesh
One can also get admission information by sending their queries at the e-mail address: info@ndub.edu.bd, registrar@ndub.edu.bd
One can also visit the campus and mitigate all queries from the Information Desk at the entrance (ground floor).

How many trimesters does NDUB offer yearly?

NDUB offers three trimesters yearly:
i) Spring, ii) Summer, and iii) Fall

What is the length of all these trimesters?

Each trimester is 4 months long
i)    Spring (January – April)
ii)    Summer (May – August)
iii)    Fall (September – December)

What undergraduate programs does NDUB offer?

Presently the following undergraduate programs are offered by NDUB:
i)    CSE
ii)    BBA
iii)    English Language & Literature (ELL)
iv)    LLB
v)    Economics

What graduate programs are offered by NDUB?

NDUB’s graduate programs are:
i)    Regular MBA
ii)    Executive MBA
iii)    MBA for BBA graduates

How many total credits are there for CSE/MBA/BBA/English/Law/Economics?

Total credits are:
i.    CSE: 150
ii.    BBA: 129
iii.    MBA for BBA graduates: 39
iv.    Regular MBA: 66
v.    Executive MBA: 48
vi.    English Language & Literature (E.L.L): 138
vii.    LLB: 138
viii.    Economics: 138

How can I apply?

Applicants can collect admission forms from the Admission Office at campus. Necessary directions for admission will be available in the Admission Forms.

What are the requirements to apply for undergraduate & graduate programs & which documents will I have to submit during admission?

- Photocopy of the original HSC registration card or statement of entry (recent) or copy of passport (for O & A level)
- Four copies of passport size photographs
- Photocopy of –
a) SSC/O-level mark sheet
b) SSC/O-level certificate
c) HSC/O-level mark sheet
d) HSC/O-level certificate
e) National ID card--if available **

** National ID card can be submitted later if it is not available during submission of application.

What are the minimum qualifications for undergraduate admission?

Combined GPA of 8.0 in both SSC and HSC with minimum GPA 3.5 in each.

For GCE O-levels and A-levels:

O-levels in five subjects with Average Grade Point of 2.5 or above and A-levels in two subjects with Average Grade Point of 2.0 and above; in the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 & E=1. (One E is acceptable, either in O-levels or in A-levels)

Candidates for CSE must have minimum B grade in Physics & Mathematics at HSC. Or minimum C grade in Physics & Mathematics at 'A'-Level. Candidates for BSc in Computer Science and BSc in Mathematics must have minimum B grade in Mathematics at HSC or minimum C grade in Mathematics at 'A'-Levels.

How can I calculate my GPA of ‘O’/‘A’ levels for the admission application in NDUB?

Our requirement for undergraduate programs is to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level. For ‘O’ level best 5 subjects and ‘A’ level best 2 subjects will be counted. The grade will be calculated according to NDUB scale: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 and E=1. It is to be noted that applicants must fulfill subject-wise requirements.

How much is the admission application fee & how can I pay?

Admission fees are subject to change on each trimester. Applicants can get information through emailing NDUB at info@ndub.edu.bd or registrar@ndub.edu.bd. Applicants can also get to know about the fees and way to pay from the Admission Office at campus.

Do I have to attend both written and oral tests for undergraduate & graduate programs?

Yes, first you have to attend written test. Those who will qualify it, will be called for interview for final selection.

What are the topics of admission test?

  • BA in English (Hons.) and LLB (Hons.): Written admission test on English, Math, and Analytical Aptitude/Critical Thinking.
  • Candidates for BBA: Written admission test on English, Math, and Analytical Aptitude/Critical Thinking.
  • Candidates for BSc in Computer Science & Engineering: Written admission test in English, Mathematics, Analytical Aptitude/Critical Thinking, Higher Mathematics and Physics.

What is marking process of admission test & how much I have to get in admission test to be qualified?

Students need to get 50% marks in each section.

15. What are the admission, tuition and other fees?

All fees are subject to change in each trimester. At present total payable (admission fee, tuition fee, semester fee) during admission:
a) CSE (12 credits): 58,000 (fifty eight thousand)
b) BBA (12 credits): 52,000 (fifty two thousand)
c) English (9 credits): 40,000 (forty thousand)
d) LLB (9 credits): 46,000 (forty six thousand)
e) Economics (9 credits) 40,000 (forty thousand)

Emailing at the following address will keep the applicants most updated: info@ndub.edu.bd, registrar@ndub.edu.bd
Or, applicants can visit the Information Desk at campus to get a detail layout of fees.  

Is there any hidden charge which not mentioned with other fees?

There is no hidden charge. All fees are mentioned in university admission brochure and details can be collected from the Information Desk at campus.

How many years of work experience are required to apply for the EMBA, RMBA, and MBA for BBA graduates?

At least 2 years of continuous work experience as executive for EMBA. But RMBA and MBA for BBA graduates do not need any work experience.

How can I get information about the scholarship/waiver/financial aid in NDUB?

NDUB provides tuition fee waivers for the following categories:
A) Undergraduate and Graduate programs
a) 20% for those who stand first, 15% for the 2nd, and 10% for the 3rd.
b) 20% for one of the siblings in undergraduate programs
c) 50% for one of the siblings in the graduate programs, as long as both of them are at NDUB
d) 20% of the children of freedom fighters
e) 50% for the physically challenged students, which will vary from case to case
B. Special for Graduate programs:
f) 25% for all of a corporate group of at least 3 candidates
f) 10% for the students of Graduate programs who are come from Missionary colleges

How many year drops are accepted by NDUB for admission in undergraduate/graduate programs?

Maximum 2 years of drop are accepted for undergraduate programs. Candidates of all ages are accepted for graduate programs.

Does NDUB accept credits completed in other educational institution?

Yes we accept credit transferred students. It varies from case to case depending on the decision of Equivalence Committee.

Can I register as a visiting student? Is there a specific application process for visiting/guest students?

No such criterion is offered yet at NDUB.

For undergraduate programs which documents are required to submit by the candidates who have passed from abroad?

Candidates who have passed from abroad have to submit verified/attested copies of previous academic documents from their Institute/respective Foreign Ministry.

For graduate programs which documents are required to submit by the candidates who have passed from abroad?

  • A four-year Bachelor or a three-year Honors degree or a Master’s degree in any discipline
  • At least Second Class (45% or above) in all exams or a minimum CGPA of 2.5 on a 4-point scale
  • Qualifying in NDUB admission test or minimum score of 550 (CBT 213) in both TOEFL & GMAT

Is there any evening class for undergraduate programs?

No. At the moment there is no such program.

What is the time schedule for graduate programs?

At the moment the graduate programs we have mostly are scheduled during the day only on Fridays and in the late afternoons or evenings of Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

How can I change my department/group?

To change department, one needs to collect a department change form from the Registrar’s office; then one needs both chairpersons’ (current department and desired department) signature on the form. After that one has to go to the Registrar’s office again for submitting the form.

Are there any hostel facilities in NDUB?

At the moment there are no such facilities.

What is the process of course add/drop (re-registration)?

Consult with your faculty advisor for add/drop.

Is there any online course program offered by NDUB?

At present, there is no such program.

How can a student transfer to another university?

Candidates will have to apply with required documents and they are subject to credit transfer rules of NDUB.

What is the process of Credit Transfer?

Only those credits on which a student has earned grade C or above will be transferable. For purposes of transferring credits, Directors of programs and Chairs of departments will determine equivalence of courses and may also refer cases to the Equivalence Committee if needed. Transferred credits and grades are not included in calculating the GPA at NDUB.

For further information whom should I contact?

For further details feel free to ask your queries at—
Notre Dame University Bangladesh
2, Arambag, Motijheel, GPO Box – 7

+880-2-7192672, +880-2-7192675
+8801781 910129


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