Goal and Objectives


To help build a society of hope and peace by providing quality and meaningful education.


  • To provide students comprehensive education emphasizing both on breadth and depth of knowledge;
  • Maintain high standards in all academic and administrative activities exceeding all government standards for university education in Bangladesh;
  • Complete all courses of studies on stipulated time-frames and at affordable costs;
  • Ensure a learning environment conducive to intellectual, spiritual and human formation, inter-religious harmony, gender equality, justice and peace, charity and care for the earth;
  • In line with the Education Policy of the country, promote sound human, social, moral, cultural and spiritual values through the courses of studies and co-curricular activities in order that students grow in patriotism, responsible citizenry, and become competent human resources;
  • To foster a teaching body, well disposed for good life, academic proficiency and diligent teaching;
  • Insure an atmosphere of discipline and orderliness and free from politics in all aspects of the University.
  • Build on existing Holy Cross connections to foster and promote teacher/students exchanges and study abroad programs with national and international university.


The competence to see and the courage to act.
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