Makeup and Supplementary Exam Rules

01Jun 2017
Makeup and Supplementary Exam Rules




Notre Dame University Bangladesh
Rules for Makeup and Supplementary Exams

1. Makeup for Mid-Term Exam: If a student is unable to appear for midterm exam for any serious or valid reason(s), s/he will be permitted to write “makeup exam” if s/he intends to do so. In that case the concerned student will be obliged to abide by the following rules: 
a) A student must bring her/his parents to meet with the Registrar to verify her/his reason(s) for not being able to appear for that particular exam; and 
b) Those who receive permission for re-examination will have to pay Tk. 2,000/- (two thousand) fee for exam of each course.

2. Makeup for Final Exam: From this trimester onward (summer 2017) there will be no system of makeup exam for trimester final. Those students who happen to be sick during the exam will be permitted to take the final exam with special arrangements — just like SSC or HSC exams. If for any reason someone fails to appear for the final exam, s/he will have to repeat the whole course in the following trimester with full payment. 

3. Supplementary Exam: Only the students who secured ‘F’ grade because of their low marks (between 15 and 23) in the written part (out of 20+40=60) will be permitted to write a “Supplementary Exam”. The following rules will be applicable for the privilege:
a) Names and ID numbers of the students who secured ‘F’ grades with marks 15 to 23 will be published; only the enlisted students will be allowed to apply (on form available) for Supplementary Exams;
b) A student will be permitted to write Supplementary Exam only for two courses with ‘F’ grades. The rest of the courses with ‘F’ grades of the concerned student will have to be repeated; and
c) Fee for each Supplementary Exam will be Tk. 4,000/- (four thousand only). 

Fr. Adam S. Pereira, CSC
The Registrar 

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